Whenever we can find an interesting original firearm manual, we’ll scan it and post it here. If you have a manual you think ought to be included here, please contact us!

(1943) Oerlikon 20mm AA gun US Ordnance Pamphlet (English)

(1918) Vickers Mk VI 8″ Howitzer manual (English)

(1942) Boys AT Rifle Small Arms Training Manual (English)

(1942) Bren Small Arms Training (South Africa) (English)

Bren Light Machine Gun – Description Use and Mechanism (English)

(1908) Sjogren system article, Engineering magazine (English)

Hanyang report on the General Liu Rifle (Chinese)

Winchester-Lee straight pull rifle handbook (commercial) (English)

(1896) M1895 Navy Lee manual (English)

(1907) Ross MkI & MkII manual (English)

(1950) Provisional Notes for users of Rifle, Automatic, .280-in, E.M.1 (English)

FN Model 49 Operator’s Manual (English)

(1950) Prototype FN FAL manual (English)

FN-FAL Operator’s Manual (English)

FAMAS F1 manual (English)

FAMAS F1 manual (French)

(1942) M1A1 Carbine Base Shop Data (English)

(1958) Winchester 224 E2 rifle manual (English)

(1965) H&R T223 rifle manual (English)

Stoner 63 System sales brochure (English)

Stoner 63A rifle manual (English)

Stoner 63A LMG manual (English)

Stoner 63 MMG manual (English)

Annex to Service and Troop Tests, Stoner 63 System (English)

Cadillac-Gage Engineering Change Report for Stoner 63A (English)

(1984) Ultimax 100 MkIII manual (English)

Pedersen Handbook,Vickers-Armstrong Company (English)

(1902) Mars Pistol manual (English)

(1937) Webley revolver training manual (English)

(1914) Colt 1911 Manual (English)

(1960) Tiro Para Pistola (Shooting the Pistol) (Spanish)

(1927) Bang Model B1 Rifle (English)

(1930) Czech ZH29 Manual (English)

(1943) G41(M) manual (German)

KE7 Factory overview (Spanish)

KE7 Factory overview (French)

KE7 Manual (German)

ZB 26 manual (English)

(1940) MG26(t) parts list (German)

Factory ZB30 Manual (English)

ZB30 Fusil Ametrallador (Spanish)

(1916) Villar Perosa M1915 manual (Italian)

(1918) Provisional Instruction on the Automatic Rifle, Model 1915 (Chauchat) (English)

(1878) Gattling Gun, Caliber 45 Manual (English)

(1917) Colt 1895 manual (English)

(1918) Notes on Mechanism of the Chauchat Machine Rifle, Model 1915 (English)

(1918) Manual of the Automatic Rifle (Chauchat), Drill – Combat – Mechanism (English)

Model 1918 Lewis gun manual (English)

(1917) US Model 1898/1899 Krag Manual (English)

(1943) Browning 1917 shop manual (English)

(1943) M1918A2 BAR Base Shop Data (English)

(1940) Handbook of the Johnson Automatic Rifle (English)

US .30-06 Type 99 Arisaka conversion manual (English)

(1965) Instrukcja 7,62 mm KARABINEK wz. 1944. wz. 1938 (Polish)

(1954) Instruckja PISTOLET MASZYNOWY wz. 1941, wz. 1943 i wz. 1943/52 (Polish)

(1961) Instruckja PJSTOLET wz 1933 (Polish)

(1928) Fedorov Avtomat manual (Russian)

(1941) Russian MG34 manual (Russian)

(1944) Russian MG42 manual (Russian)

(1972) Russian SKS manual (Russian)

(1956) PPSh-41/PPS-43 Armorer’s manual (Russian)

(1947) 1910 Maxim manual (Russian)

(unk) RPD manual (Russian)

(1954) RPD Armorer’s manual (Russian)

(1949) RP-46 manual (Russian)

(1962) DTM manual (Russian)

DsHK 38 Manual (Russian)

NSV 12.7mm Technical Manual (Russian)

(1975) MSP Groza silent pistol manual (Russian)

(1972) RPG-7 Manual (Russian)

Madsen Saetter GPMG manual (English)

Madsen M/50 SMG Handbook (English)

Carl-Gustaf Submachine Gun manual (English)

Madsen Machine Rifle Main Characteristics & Tactical Use (English)

Madsen Nomenclature (multiple languages)

Madsen 1904/1912 comparison (English)

Madsen Model 26 line drawings

Description of the Madsen Model 1940 (English)

(1938) Madsen Manual, mostly 20mm (German)

Madsen Argentine Model 26 Nomenclature (Spanish)

Ameli LMG Descriptive Handbook (English)

Vickers Class F Commercial Manual (English)

(1902) Mannlicher m/1901 Selbstlade-Karabiner (German)


  1. congratulations for your excellente website ¡¡¡ very interesting items about the development of rare firearms, your files are very interesting for all guns collectors, probably you found moere information about the rare “automatic” revolver like mauser zig zag, webley fosbery, mateba or the “magazine clip” dardick 1500.
    best regards from southamerica
    percy olivas

  2. Thanks for a very informative site. Keep up the great work. As a collector and a gunsmith I truly enjoy the information here.

  3. I am looking for a manual for a lakefield mark III autoloader .22
    also a 300 savage model 99
    hope u can help thanks Bill

    • Not sure if we ever connected. I have Savage 99 pdf files I can send you. I know that I have the hard copies somewhere, but am reluctant to part with them.

  4. My very best congratulations for this great work! I was very surprised and mostful happy to find it on the Net! It gives me so much information about lost or missing parts especially for russian machineguns!I dont speak or can read russian but i can read a technical drawing and there are a lot of helpful drawings!Most times i made some parts copied from pics or loaned ones cause spare parts for some gun are very rare here in germany.
    Best regards

  5. Can anyone help? I’m looking for the schematics for a lakefield mossberg. I’m trying to repair the trigger assembly. I think there’s a piece missing. I can reconstruct if there’s any photos and info. The marks on the barrel indicate it’s a mark III semi-auto .22. Lakefield mossberg.

  6. Need a breakdown on a trigger assembly. Lakefield mossberg .22 semi auto. MarkIII. I have trigger safety problems on the rifle.

  7. Looking for manual for early model (possibly 1960-ish) Hammerli Master 4.5/177 cal air pistol or gas installation instruction

  8. Hi Ian, thanks for the free printable manuals, i don’t really care if it’s blurred or photocopied but still the main point is still legible but i’m still looking a full manual for 5.45 AKs, RPKs and a US Army Ak47 manual

  9. Hi Ian, I am lucky owner very rare Mateba 2006m as I am from Czech republic.
    I spent a lot of time on internet but I didn’t find the original manual.Have You any idea where is possible to get it?

  10. I am looking for Owner Manuals for: Harrington & Richardson 32 S&W CTGE Model 1888 Top Break Pistol serial # 502705 and Hopkins & Allen 32 S&W Safety Police Hammer-Less Top Break pistol serial # 830 same as (Iver Johnson)
    Thank you
    John E. Reif
    354 NW 200 ST
    Carrollton, Illinois 62016

  11. I am still looking for someone who has experience putting a H & R CTGE Mode 1888 Top Break pistol back together!
    Thank you
    John Reif
    354 SW 200 ST
    Carrollton, Illinois 62016

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