Ralf Dieckmann Interview

March 14, 2017 Ian McCollum 46

Ralf Dieckmann is a German-born firearms designer who grew up as a small child in Berlin during World War II. His interest in firearms developed in the post-war years with war detritus literally lying about […]


Backlog of Video!

April 28, 2015 Ian McCollum 13

While I have been posting daily videos from the recent series of Rock Island Auction material, I have also been publishing the occasional video on InRange TV – and some of those would probably be […]

No Picture

Teri from

December 10, 2012 Ian McCollum 6

While we were at the SAR West show this year, we had the chance to chat with Teri, who runs Teri is a Canadian collector who took a longtime interest in Japan and built […]