Vintage Saturday: Japanese Holdouts on Mars!

Japanese troops with a Type 11 LMG at the Battle of Zaoyang Yichang, 1940
Someone alert the writers of Iron Sky! The Curiosity rover has just sent back this photo of what appear to be Japanese soldiers still holding out on Mars


Okay, it’s actually from 1940, at the Battle of Zaoyang Yichang in central China. Note the funky hopper-fed Type 11 LMG.


  1. I just recently watched Nazis at the Center of the Earth with Jake Busy. I would pay more to see Japanese holdouts on mars.

  2. AMAZING! We were beaten to Mars by a squad of Japanese soldiers in a bamboo rocket. I already knew about their derivations of German rocket and jet fighters, aircraft-carrying submarines, and their attempt to build the a-bomb, but this takes all the cake, pie, and cookies in the bakery.

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