Here at ForgottenWeapons, we have a pretty sizable reference collection that we use to study weapons designs. If pressed, we can rattle off its contents pretty well from memory, but it is important to have a collection properly cataloged. A detailed database of the guns is an essential precaution in case of theft or natural disaster, and the need to provide an inventory to police or insurance agents. A detailed inventory also allows us to check on what we have when we’re on the road and considering buying something, and when we just can’t remember details like the date of a particular gun, or how much we paid for it. And lastly, in case of our deaths, it would provide out loved ones with accurate values on the collection and protect them from being taken advantage of if and when they need to liquidate the guns.

Like many people, we used a crude Excel spreadsheet as the basis of our inventory for a long time. We have been keeping an eye out for a piece of proper database software to do this job for a long time, and we finally found a really great one: MyGunDB.

When you look through the layout and options in MyGunDB, you’ll see that it was clearly written by a gun nut like you and I. It is very simple and quick to use for a basic list of guns and serial numbers, but also offers a great amount of depth for tracking ammunition supply, gun accessories, maintenance work, and more. Whether you have a few guns or thousands of guns, you really need to keep records of them and MyGunDB is the best way to do so that we’ve found. Want to see all the features? Well, let’s take a look at how to use it:

After picking up our own copy of the software, we were so enthusiastic about it that we decided to partner up with the folks behind MyGunDB – so your purchase of the software will help you keep great track of your guns and also help support Forgotten Weapons. There are three options for use of the software:

  • Free – The free version has all the features enabled, but limits the number of guns to 10. This is fine for beginning collectors, and offers you a great way to organize a small collection at no expense.
  • Basic – The basic registration allows an unlimited number of guns in your database, but disables some of the accessory functions like ammunition and holsters, and has a limit of 3 photos per gun. At half the price of the full registration, this is a good compromise if you just want to record your guns with photos.
  • Full – Want the whole enchilada? The full registration unlocks every function in the software and allows an unlimited number of guns. This makes it the ideal inventory tool for the serious collector, and it’s what we use.

So, click over to and get yourself a copy now!




  1. Excellent Find, Ian…Also a hearty thanx to my wife who stumbled onto this site from the Facebook C&R group. I have a sizeable collection that will benefit from this outstanding program…in ’98,(when I still had my C&R license) as part of an introduction to Office 97 course at a local commubity college, I made up a list in Access of all my firearms at the time….I had a stroke in ’02 and wound up losing (as in having to sell) most of ’em, but it’s nice to still have that old list and see the really good stuff I still haven’t recovered. BTW is that a MAS 44 over your right shoulder??? A bud of mine bought one in the mid 90s and I kinda busted his chops for buying such an ugly gun that had no ammo supply – at the time…haven’t seen one since – ANYWHERE!!!

    CB in FL…congrats on your Collection!!!

    • Theres an actual database project called GunDB… granted it was started two years after this post but a man can dream of someone using GunDB for a Gun DB

  2. You’re a good salesman, Ian…presented the program to the wife and she rigged the finances (no beer until after Sep 1) and purchased it ths afternoon….of course it helps that it’s a dynamite program and also qualifies as a ‘bound book’ for when I renew my C&R License…actually get a NEW C&R…Thanx again…

    CB in FL

  3. I was ready to say something snide like, “Great, but why not an online version that we Mac users can use?” when I clicked over to the site and learned two great things about it:

    1. It’s built on Adobe AIR so it runs on Mac and Linux as well as Windows. Great for those of us who, in the words of the old SF recruiting poster, had to “join a minority group.”

    2. It lets you run a maintenance schedule for PM on your guns. This is really big, once you get past the stage of four or five guns where you clean them all once every couple weeks in one shot. Guns have only three enemies, rust, politicians, and the major media, but rust has probably ruined more guns than the other two combined.

    So yeah, I’ll be downloading and trying it out today. For one thing, I actually couldn’t answer the question, “how many guns do you have?” the other day. It was asked by someone I was willing to answer, not my doctor….

  4. It appears that MygunsDB is defunct. I bought a license and as of last year it won’t even start because it can’t hit the license server. That’s crap as it was supposed to be a free standing piece of software so even if the company went bust the code should continue to work.

    • They are defunct. But, their web site is still operational. I owned MyGunDB for a number of years, until it stopped working. When attempting to switch to 2ADB I found there is no way to directly import the information from MyGuDB. Although, I went developed an export/import routine it was not 100% accurate. While MyGunDB was a great product (sort of “just right” related to complexity), I find that 2A Database is pretty complex and comprehensive. Meaning that it takes in a LOT of extraneous information. So, I am still looking.

  5. I before a registration many years ago before you took over and have a basic copy. I have the unlimited firearms version before the original programer went bust. I have several bugs that print HTML over the screen but I can still use the DB. If I prove my registration key can you send me a fix?

  6. Please consider NM Collector Software. It has been around since before MyGunDB and is still supported (by me). I also developed a method to migrate from MyGunDB to NM Collector. I’m not sure it will work with whatever version of MyGunDB you happen to have but it worked at the time I developed it. I will include a link to those instructions in the Website field below.

    It provides a free 30 day full feature evaluation and then reverts to a free version after 30 days if you do not want to buy it.

    Thank you.

    Clay LLC

  7. I guess the link does not show. Please duckduckgo “nmcollector import from mygundb” (without the quotes) and a link to the instructions should appear at the top of the results.

    Thanks again


  8. I purchased a license and entered all of my weapons and accessories including photos. NA couple of years ago it quit working. Website is dead. Mygundb is no more.

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