Mannlicher m/1901 manual

Probably the least known of the early automatic pistol designs is the Mannlicher. The design went through several stages, starting as blow-forward action, followed by a fixed barrel and finally a delayed blowback in several variations. This process began in 1896 and continued until around 1904 or 1905. Like many of its contemporaries, the Mannlicher was offered in both pistol and carbine configurations (either as a pistol with detachable stock or long-barrel carbine with a permanent stock).

Mannlicher m/1901 carbine
Mannlicher m/1901 carbine

We have a copy of a 1902-dated original manual for the dedicated carbine version of the 1901 pistol. This is the version with a small (6-round) detachable magazine in front of the trigger, which I have seen elsewhere referred to as the 1903 model.

(1902) Mannlicher m/1901 Selbstlade-Karabiner (German)


  1. Now that’s a cool looking weapon! I would need a bowler hat and a three piece suit to go with it, though.

  2. I have a Steyr 1901 rifle that dad brought back from WW2. I need information how the safety operates to be able to get the bolt back in, the caliber size, where to get a magazine and ammo. I have some pictures if anyone can help. Thanks

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