Mannlicher 1901 Carbine Video

The Mannlicher was one of the early automatic pistol designs, and like most such guns, a small number were made as carbine variants. This particular one is the first prototype 1901 carbine (you can see the number ‘1’ stamped on the bolt). I’m not really sure what the best practical use of this little carbine is (it’s chambered for 9mm Mannlicher, which is roughly equal to the .32ACP in power), but it sure is cute and handy.

We also have a German 1901 Mannlicher Carbine manual available, as well as some photos of a Mannlicher pistol.


  1. Wooow !!! Video is outstanding !!! Thank you very much!!!
    You are a happy man, as you own this gun! 🙂
    This manual hummer cocker is a nice gadget! I think it’s practical use was kinda “home defense” carbine, plus it could bring some small game and last – it must be a nice plinker:)
    I think it would be better to attach the forearm to the receiver, so it wouldn’t move and the barrel would move freely (kinda free floating barrel). It would be more comfortable to shoot (without recoiling forearm), also I don’t exactly know but I guess , that if one holds the forearm during firing(and holds it too tight) ,the gun may short cycle ?!?!

    P.S. What about comparing this gun with Luger carbine …

  2. Great video, I learned a lot about what definitely qualifies as a “forgotten weapon.”. One question…you mentioned a “reference collection,” is that your personal collection or is this part of of some a museum or other institution? Thanks for a great episode. Cheers, Matthew

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