Financing a couple projects…

Do you need a project? We’re raising some money for a couple of our own shop projects here, and are selling a couple nice parts kits to do it. Specifically:

#1 – A gorgeous Russian 1910 Maxim kit (7.62x54R). Complete except for sideplates, and everything is in great condition. We also have a good steel Sokolov wheeled mount for it. Price is $1550 shipped to the continental US. The Sokolov mount is an additional $350 plus actual shipping (it’s really heavy) if you want it.

#2 is a Czech ZB30J kit (8mm Mauser). These were a small run of ZB30 light machine guns made for Yugoslavia, most recognizable by their knurled barrels. This kit has a very good barrel, and is complete except for a magazine and receiver. It does include the front and rear receiver sections, but we don’t have the middle one. Price is $850 shipped.

#3 is a whole bunch of Steyr-Solothurn S1-100 (MP-34) parts. It’s basically two complete kits less one stock. Includes everything you see (except the DP sears). There are 2 .30 Luger barrels, 1 9mm Steyr barrel, and 3 9mm Luger barrels. One of the top covers is a Chilean rate-reducing piece. One shroud has the barrel threads demilled, but that is a removable piece. The two other are intact, one for 9mm Luger and one for 9mm Steyr (with matching magazine wells). Both mags are for 9mm Luger. Price is $1400 shipped for all of it.


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