Bergmann-Bayard disassembly video

Today we’re disassembling and explaining the Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 self-loading pistol. This particular one is a very nice example of the Danish-made late variant of the design.

You can see our other Bergmann videos (one of the gun at the range and one comparing it with a couple other early semiauto pistols) as well as photos and other information on the Bergmann-Bayard page in the Vault.


  1. Thanks again Ian for a great post. I have often thought how handy it would be to have 3 hands to ease the assembly of these pistols. It would be great for you to show the issue holsters that came with the pistols you feature. the Bergman Bayard 1910 holster id almost unique in that it was worn canted with the pistol at an degree almost 45 degree slant. A very few Bergman’s were made under Nazi occupation and have waffenampts on them. I would love to find one of those. Denmark replaced the Bergmans with the Browning Hi Powers and Sig 210’s that was a move from Class to Class.

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