Polish Hotchkiss M1914

After regaining its independence in 1918, Poland had a variety of weapons available to its armed forces, including the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun. The Hotchkiss fed from 30-round feed strips, and was gas operated and air cooled. It was fairly popular in its day, and was used by a wide variety of countries, including the US and Japan (the Type 3 and Type 92 machine guns were based largely on the Hotchkiss).

Polish Hotchkiss M1914
Lying down on the job?

At any rate, we have a copy of a Polish manual for the Hotchkiss, thanks to our friend Hrachya in Armenia. We don’t see many Polish manuals, and we’re happy to be able to make this one available.

(1921) Polish Hotchkiss M1914 manual (Polish)


  1. Ousome manual on rare french Hotchkiss…
    It would be also interesting to see another hotchkiss guns and Breda as long with it…

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