PT83: The Sneaky Silenced Version of Poland’s P83 Pistol

When the P-83 pistol went into production, the Polish military decided that it wanted a dedicated suppressed version of the gun, and the result was the PT-83. Thw P-83 was a 9x18mm pistol with a fixed barrel, so attaching a suppressor was not going to cause any problems with functioning. However, the designers wanted to have the slide remain closed when firing, and to do something more than just extend the barrel and thread on a suppressor. So, the redesigned the recoil spring to site below the suppressor (ion the regular P-83 it encircles the barrel), and built a clever slide locking system into the trigger mechanism…

Ultimately, the project was cancelled and never went into production.Only a handful of prototypes were made, and we are grateful to Works 11 for giving me access to film this one to film for you!


    • This is mind-boggling as longer-barreled SAFLORYT sub-machine gun (silenced derivative of PM-63 developed in 1970s)
      …barrel was made longer, sturdier, and the part extending forward of the slide’s spoon was threaded to accept an all-metal sound suppressor designed by Marian Gryszkiewicz (this project was code-named ‘Safloryt’). As the suppressor casing obscured the sights, the suppressor was fitted with it’s own set of sights, placed on top of the casing. With the 9×18 cartridge developing a subsonic muzzle velocity, standard ammunition could be used for the suppressed version…

  1. Neat piece of tech, but… Can you imagine the holster for that thing, and trying to carry it around with all your other gear?

    Not seeing that as something that the guy they built these for would want to do, to be quite honest. Kinda like the Mk23 that HK built for the US SOCOM community… Those wound up getting left behind in the arms room, just about every time. I honestly can’t think of any actual SF or other guys I’ve seen carrying one off of a training range. Every time I ever observed those guys in the flesh on deployment, they were carrying something else… Usually an M9, an M11, or a Glock they’d gotten out of the Iraqi police system.

  2. I quite like that, I would perhaps add a lever which looks like “Grip safety” but angled / Which you depress; releasing the trigger “So unlocking the slide” said lever would be quite hard to squeeze via a spring but it would when depressed | Thus act in a \ angled manner on the slide… Essentially operating the slide to eject a cartridge one handed and, to reload another without the slide racking noise via using your other hand to rack the slide under spring pressure I.e. As it would be under the control of the “grip safey lever thing” so you could in theory operate the slide quietly like… The Welrod idea, to avoid clunking noises. Might be worth the extra steps if it was quiet like a welrod; so more quiet than a normal supressed semi auto, it seems worth it to me “Given they took the time to lock the slide” seems like a benifical extra step – Over a semi auto design.

    • Might be an idea for a “Yeet cannon” Hi-Point; it has a fixed barrel like this. I think that might have a threaded barrel for a suppressor but, being a blowback – Would likely be quieter with a locked slide. The design of the trigger guard on this Polish pistol perhaps suggests you shoot it using your left hand as a sort of support… If you couldn’t gain sufficent leverage via just the “Grip safety thing” to operate the action you could probably design a trigger guard which you would act as a (Rearward assist) to the slide via it being attached to it for example, with the grip lever controling the return to battery type thing. Reasons for it; poor folk hunting, I don’t know pigeons… You don’t want to scare the others off after you bag one for tea.

      • Depends how quiet it is, in regards it being worth it; it is a Welrod sized silencer that, I fair big… So might be pretty quiet. Holster… Stechkin style stock, not a small gun anyway; if a stock aided utility I.e. Hitting the target,
        why not.

        • Overall I like that design, and you would imagine there is a military use for it albeit a limited use one; but if you found yourself in that unfortunate situation, I reckon that gun would be a handy bit of kit… With the stock. 25yrd job, if you could ensure the hit killed said enemy so they didn’t start going “Helpfen unt I haf been shotten mit Englisher pig dog etc” in earshot of his/her pals. Whats not to like.

  3. Must have been a “Thing” an issue; slide clunking, alerting ze enemy… Otherwise why did they knock up the Welrod. They’d know; must have been via experience.

    Let’s not “Forget” these weapon, design features; designed for a purpose.

    • I am not saying it was likely to be a massive issue, only in the limited circumstances you would require a really silent shot; sods law dictates someone would hear the slide, and thus botch it. Must have happened, I bet unfortunately on the limited; frequent occasions, anyone ever needed someone not to hear a slide clunk. Thus the Welrod. So for a silencer that big, I reckon it is a good idea to make the mechanism as quiet as possible. They’d have been reports, coming back from use.

      • You could strip that design down, to the bare minimum. And the result would be better than a Welrod & certainly the liberator pistol. 1 million and 2 million “sawn off” Rpg gunpowder charge giant shotguns, for open peasant revolts. Drop them all over Russia, China etc, if nobody kicks off “We’ll know as they’ll be on Youtube being used to shoot a group of Geese happily sat on a lake etc, for cooking.” call it a day with trying to deliver “Freedom” and spend the defence budget on potholes etc. Cheaper than this billion dollar pretence; that anyone outside of the 1st world want transgender toilets as a sign of progress… We can deliver by F35s. Tut.

    • “(…)why did they knock up the Welrod(…)”
      According to
      The Welrod was designed in an era of subterfuge, where the British government were considering missions to assassinate the leaders of Nazi Germany and bolster the resistance in France.
      Observe that .32 caliber Welrod Mk.II pistol could be easily break apart into parts, which does not have typical automatic pistol shape, see 2nd image from top

      • Aye… But this Polish pistol does have a big suppressor, and the slide would clunk operating it left handed “The slide” could improve the design…

        • Honestly I think it is perfect for the highpoint, be much quieter. For car… Carrion hunting, should you want to eat a Crow “Which likely is not a good idea, given what they eat.” Pigeons well, there are wood versions… Outside of Chigago perhaps.

          • Well, if you had a highpoint which you could attach a silencer to; well lose the grip safety and turn it into this… The slide lock. A feature, should you want to add a suppressor onto. In order to actually make it quiet.

      • “Altruism spectrum” Lets combine ideas to make more and better guns. It is the future, for Robots at least. Selfish humans… Not sharing, drunk outbursts; about possible future tech, handing everything to A.I I.e. Robots doing that minus the beer; which will limit them, but they’ll catch up.

        • Because they will do “The Robots” one day, Edwin. They will do, one day; it is as clear as the distinction between day and night – And will they be altruristic, with humans? What do you think, given the origins of A.I & Robots I.e. Us.

          Quite, so think on.

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