Tour: Croatian Homeland War Museum Vehicle & Artillery Park

While in Croatia for filming, we stopped in at the Homeland War Museum (Muzej Domovinskog Rata) in Karlovac. Built in the preserved ruins of the “Hotel California”, it houses a small but pretty comprehensive collection of small arms form the Croatian Homeland War, in addition to many other artifacts that tell the story of the war. Outside is a small vehicle and artillery park, which really highlights the diverse origins of the weaponry used in the war. American, British, German, and Soviet equipment is mixed together, alongside three expedient Croatian APCs made from civilian vehicles.

If you are in Croatia, it is a museum well worth stopping to see. It’s not large, but it does a good job telling the story of the war and showing a good variety of artifacts, including weapons. You can find the Museum’s web site with more information at:


  1. “(…)American, British, German, and Soviet equipment(…)”
    If you are interested in history of Yugoslav armoured vehicles read observe that they even attempted to fuse foreign vehicles together like M4 with T-34-85 engine.

    Towed rocket launcher shown in video looks like Type 63
    it was exported outside PRC, though I do know if (or when) it was exported to Yugoslavia.

  2. Yes Balkans history is complicated. Karlovac was effectively the forward edge of the Serb Krajina advance in the early 1990s. A camp known to a generation of Canadian IFOR and SFOR troops was down the road another 60 kms at a lovely little slice of paradise called Velika Kladusa. Before the new highway east of the city, the main north/south route into Bosnia was right behind the displays.

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