MAC/Skorpion Hybrid at the Range: the Alka M93

The Alka M93 was a very simple SMG made by IM Metall (which later became HS Produkt) during the Croatian Homeland War. It is essentially a MAC M11A1 with a long barrel and a vz61 Skorpion stock, feeding 9mm ammunition form MP40 magazines. I did a video on this piece previously, but on a recent visit to Croatia the company was kind enough to let me try it out on their test range. We had a number of malfunctions, which really isn’t surprising for serial number 3 of an essentially shed-built open-bolt design with only one magazine available.

As expected, the rate of fire is quite high, and the stock only moderately helpful. It is really no surprise that this was not accepted for formal adoption by the Croatian Army after the war (they chose a copy of the Uzi instead).


  1. Problem with all these subcompact smgs, Ingram, Micro Uzi etc. is uncontrollable rate of fire, only Skorpion was decent in that.

    These here could have been better if they made rear of receiver 7-10 cms longer, also by that bolt could be longer and heavier.
    Maybe in .380 it would be fairly ok?

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