VHS-2 Bullpup at the Range

Yesterday we took a look at the inner workings of the VHS-2, and today we are going to put some rounds through it. I am trying out both a short-barreled VHS-K2 that was limited to 2-round burst (for French police trials) and a full-length VHS-F2 from French military trials.

Overall, I quite liked the VHS. The length of pull is a bit long (I kept the stock almost fully collapsed), but the in-line layout prevents it from wanting to climb in automatic and it is a very pleasant rifle to shoot. I like the aperture sights, and the long Picatinny rail makes any optic an easy option. I also like being able to set the rifle up for left-handed ejection, but still being able to shoot it right-handed if necessary (and vice-versa). The controls are completely ambidextrous and easy to use, the weight and balance are good, and the trigger is not bad. This is definitely one of my top few bullpups!


  1. All said and done, this makes me almost bullpup convert. There is not need for fancy downward ejection as G.Kelgren (Keltech) has on his rifle, although I admit it is a meticulous design. The often repeated mantra about magazine swaps is a mute point; it goes down to practice.

    Going down the list, there are 7 users/ militaries of it already; another one is in negotiations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HS_Produkt_VHS

    In YT version of this video someone remarked that the adjustable buttstock is of good use when firing form hip. A valid point. So here we are folks, we have a champion’s choice rifle 🙂

    • Here is Mr. Vickers shooting VHS rifle in 2019. The uniform and steady ejection pattern is noteworthy. There is no climb at full auto. My question would be what the heat is doing to the foreguard. But I assume there was progress in heat-resisting (not ‘heat-resistant’) plastics since I left the industry.

    • “(…)often repeated mantra about magazine swaps is a mute point; it goes down to practice.(…)”
      What about high-capacity magazines? Can they be used with this weapon without compromising ergonomics?

      • I don’t think the French were looking for a magazine that held more than 30 cartridges. Oh, and forget using drum magazines, those tend to be a pain in the rear-end in terms of awkward carrying and reloading.

      • I think Cherndog covered it nicely for you. I concur, 30rd mag is all you can expect in this rifle.

        Btw. the problem is, when to use what magazine since every nation in Centre-East Europe seem to have their own. They call it “AUG style” or “HK36 style”, but what is it? At the end it should not matter that much as long as it complies to NATO Stanag mag. standard. But do not expect the thick-walled plastic mags to be same on the outside as “throw-away” aluminum thin-walled US GI type. They need lot more outer space which seem to be solved by removable adopter/ liner. That is he way CZUB did it on their Model 805 (Bren 1) and Model 806/7 (Bren 2) rifles.

    • “Iraq- about 100,000 in service ”

      I really don’t know if this is true, but if it is, its crazy! That needs to be verified.

    • That is certainly intriguing information considering recent Letter of Generals to president of French republic. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57055154

      The “grave danger” spelled in it was largely dismissed (and serving soldiers reprimanded), but still, hard to figure what to make out of it. But then, France is not the only nation facing unrest due to political/ religious extremism.

  2. I cringed when the grenade launcher was fired w/ the support hand on the bbl. If I’m not mistaken,that is verboten w/ the US M203.

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