Book Review: SS Contract Walther PP/PPK

I have done some videos previously with Tom Whiteman from Legacy Collectibles – mostly ones about his area of specialty; German WW2 handguns. Well, he has now published a reference book compiling more than 20 years of research on SS-contract Walther PP and PPK pistols. Thanks to records captured by American military intelligence at the end of World War Two, a substantial amount of data survives on these pistols, which Tom and other collectors and researchers have used to identify the characteristics of nearly a dozen different specific contract purchases.

If you are interested in collecting the specific group of pistols, Tom’s new book is an absolutely essential reference, placing all the information easily at your fingertips. At $50 for a relatively small paperback volume the price seems high, unless you consider how much it will assuredly save the first time you can use it to identify a good deal or spot a fake. While there is not a huge value proposition here for the mildly interested person, it is an excellent reference for anyone planning to acquire even just one of the pistols it describes.

Availably directly from Legacy Collectibles or through Amazon:


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