Improved Laugo Alien for the American Market: The Creator 500

When the original Laugo Alien came out, it was designed with a grip angle rather steeper than a lot of people (including most Americans, it seems) preferred. In response, Laugo redesigned the grip to be more like a 1911, and made the whole grip assembly modular in the process. Original magazines are still compatible, but the handling of the new model is a lot nicer for those of us who aren’t used to a Luger style grip.

At the same time, Laugo now has an American offshoot (Laugo Arms USA) instead of being imported by a third-party company. The new grip angle will be available in standard pistols at some point in the future, but for now it is available only as a limited 500-pistol release – the Creator 500 series.


  1. Bore axis has nothing to do with “room for the barrel to tilt”.

    The term refers to height of the bore (vertical center of recoil force) over the vertical center of support (the thumb web of your firing hand). In a conventional pistol, the theoretical limit is set by the need for the slide (with the firing pin concentric with the bore axis) to recoil over your hand, and the practical limit by the addition of frame and FCG parts between your hand and the slide.

    The Laugo has a low bore axis because the FCG is on top and the breechface part of the slide doesn’t recoil over your hand.

      • I don’t have one to measure, but I’m sure it would be very low indeed!

        Thank you for your link, which perfectly illustrates what I wrote above.

          • That does have a very low bore axis… Are we maybe designing pistols wrong, as a consequence I.e. Should they not really be “Upside down” thus… Now a practical,in use layout suggests not; looking at that Soviet target piece. But… Take that Alien pistol, turn this upside down (So the hammer is the “Right way up” conversely.) And incorporate it into a frame; think staple gun… Quite. Well then, you have a foregrip (Thumbhole eh, think about said “Staplegun” layout.) and the benefits to accuracy of the layout overall.

            Mag loads, you drop in… Say a Glock mag, from the top; into your “Staplegun” I am just making the point, just because a Flintlock pistol etc, had a pistol grip… Well? Do we need to follow this layout.

            I say no.

          • Elephant in the room that Soviet target pistol; we know it works, the “Alien” is a better layout take it a step further; think 10mm – A pistol which could deliver 10mm type power, which hits… Is a carbine.

            But much shorter etc; just consider the notion, pistol grips are from Matchlocks etc.

          • A “Staple gun” no bigger of an oval’ish shape than the Alien recoiling to the bottom of Ians hands back to the muzzle.

            Potential; obliterate targets up to 100m

            Yes in a “Pistol” 200m Well, they’ll notice more than usual with a pistol; like a carbine.

            Holsters; none. Meh, click lock & webbing etc – 2023, not a problem… Get real.

            Tiny, really; Annihilation in your hands, via… Actually hitting a target/ten. At anything outside; the current 25yrd or so range.

            Bang! bang!! 10mm

          • Under 25yrds well; unlucky for them, as hit probability is massively increased – So they get a 10mm & likely you weren’t aiming at their feet.

  2. After watching this video I was struck by how similar the Alien pistol is to The Colt SCAMP machine pistol. Aparently the SCAMP ammunition was slighty more powerful that the 5.7mm. So…imagine an Alien chambered for 5.7mm with a burst fire capability. I think it could be a genuinley useful machine pistol.

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