A Professional Warlord Copy of the FN 1900 from the Nanjing Arsenal

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One of the professional factory-made Chinese warlord-era copies of the FN Model 1900 came from the Nanjing Arsenal. The arsenal was founded in 1864 as a Chinese/British private venture and eventually made a wide variety of products with a mold shop, wood shop, foundry, and other facilities. The arsenal made these pistols during the late 1910s, with observed dates being 1919 and 1920, with Chinese sources suggesting that production began in 1913.


    • To each his/her/etc. own. I would think that in 190(?) the aesthetic appeal would be, by comparison, significant. The Dreyse, The Type 94 – coyote ugly – not that those are examples from the same exact era but I think that reinforces the point. That mint FN makes me want to spend money I shouldn’t. You do you Brother, we good.

  1. Got the book, love the mystery pistols (and the not-so-mystery pistols) but ho-lee-tomato!? Did that FN 1900 just get delivered by a guy in a DeLorean with a Cuisinart strapped to the roof? When I become suddenly amazingly rich, that one is on my list.
    All joking aside, I suspect the Browning/FN is still more valuable in the collector market. (?)

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