Egyptian 2-Gun: Rasheed and Browning High Power

We just looked at the Rasheed (and it’s Iraqi sibling the Baghdad) and today I’m taking it out to the monthly 2-Gun match. I’m pairing it with a United Arab Republic contract Browning High Power, and some period Egyptian camouflage. Fun!

Unfortunately, the Rasheed gave me a number of malfunctions, and its tiny sights were definitely a handicap for me. The High Power was better, although you can’t necessarily tell from my shooting today.


  1. it would be interesting to know how the Rasheed runs with something like decent quality Russian military loads.

    I know that steel quality is a frequent slur cast by people from the country that scrapped several years production of its service rifles because of crap metallurgy…

    however… could the springs have weakened, either from the bolt being left open for long periods of time?

    and, or, use of a spring steel that creeps over time – like the steel that was used in the suspension springs of 70s and 80s Japanese cars, would creep over time

  2. That’s really disappointing. I really wanted to see that Rasheed do well on a course like this. Maybe some Wolff springs would help it run better. The Hi-Power is pretty neat, but too much of a known quantity to inspire much drama.

    • I agree. There is nothing that can be done with the sights, to remain authentic enough. New springs, better FMJ ammo, and Ian taking my stripper clip loading class (see comment above) would get the maximum performance from the rifle. I would like Ian to tune the rifle, get practice time with it, and try again in competition.

      But look at his placement. He still is in the middle of the pack with old technology, with issues, outperforming competitors with their fancy newer models. A testament to tried and true designs and Ian’s marksmanship (which he should not denigrate like he does).

  3. Tiny sights on a gun descended from the AG-42b? Yep, water is wet. Next attempt with a Hakim maybe.
    Serious envy at the spare (even broken) magazine.

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