CZ Bren 2 “PDW” at the Range

After a lot of requests from law enforcement and military organizations, CZ developed a collapsing buttstock for the Bren 2 rifle. It requires a different upper receiver than the standard Bren 2, although that upper will become standard in future production. Combined with a short barrel, the collapsing stock makes for a pretty short package!


  1. KelTec’s CMR-30’s collapsible stock forms a similar cheek rest and is reasonably comfortable, albeit I had no cold weather to test it in before I sold it. I’ll have one again when I have time to break it in enough to run 30 grn loads reliably.

  2. I have the current USA version M2 set up this way using a wire stock from A3 Tactical. it is a pretty decent package for a PDW. So far, I like the x 39 cartridge in this short gun. Slap on a red dot, or LPVO, and OSS suppressor — all good.

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