Vintage Saturday: Colt 1895 on a Cart

I’m having some trouble figuring out the expression on this soldier’s face…is he disdainful of the photographer? Or just tired of dragging the gun around?

Vintage Saturday: Colt 1895 on a Cart

In any case, my experience taking machine guns to the range makes me think that it’s a real shame this kind of mount is obsolete. It’s got a seat for you, a shoulder rest to help control the gun, and nice big wheels for moving everything over lumpy ground. Would make a nice wood shop project for Grandpa’s potato digger, don’t you think?


  1. If ONLY Grand Pa had HAD a Colt Potato Digger!!!…(grin)…S’ok. I’ll settle for the .43 Spanish Remington rolling block I inherited from Dad…

    • The wheeled mount began life with the Colt Gatling gun when the Potato Digger was adopted the carts were adapted with a new head/mount the box below with in the Digger configuration is designed to holt ammo boxes a spares box and belt loader….

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