Stemple Makes a Star Wars Blaster: the STG-34k

One of the best-looking versions of the Stemple is, I believe, the STG-34k. This was the result of BRP obtaining a whole bunch of MG-34 parts kits as part of a separate project to make an MG-34-style upper for the AR platform, and thus having all the grip models leftover. Well, why not fit them to the Stemple 76/45 tube? Pair the MG-34 grip with a short Suomi barrel and shroud and an AK underflowing stock (current production ones use a slightly less terrible stock) and presto! You have a transferrable submachine gun that looks like it came right out of Star Wars…


  1. It looks pretty attractive.
    The butt seems to bit long.
    And there is no complete confidence in the durability of the butt plate of the upper.

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