• Honestly, I would not be surprised if someone would market StempleDex, a hand-held electronic encyclopaedia of variants of said gun.

      • I suspect Stemple would like you to collect them all. 😉

        I would have never thought to see a ポケモン reference on here.

    • An ugly alternative would be the F.A.B. defense made plastic stock that attaches instead of the AK folding stock, converting it to a fixed one. On the other hand that ugly piece of plastic has an adjustable cheek riser and can change its length. And folds. So there is that at least.

      • It looked to me that there was a screw off piece on the back end of the receiver. Or something like that which had to be accessible to dissemble the gun. So maybe the open frame of the folding stock was a necessity to clean the gun.

  1. totally not practical or not, rate of fire is wayyyy to high, it DOES look cool with the shorter shroud and 34 grip and drum!

  2. Recently I become aware of new .30 Super Carry automatic pistol cartridge
    my understanding is that it is as ballistic-wise as possible to fit into 9×19 sized magazine, yet thanks to smaller diameter to fit more cartridge into same size.
    https://www.federalpremium.com/30supercarry.html claims it is the most revolutionary self-defense advancement in nearly 100 years and gives following figures 100 GRAIN (at) 1250 FPS. I assume there are manufacturer’s estimates and therefore MUST NOT be compared with figures provided by others. I was unable to reveal C.I.P. pressure for said cartridge.
    Now I am wondering: could said cartridge be used in blow-back sub-machine gun? Could be 9×19 mm sub-machine gun magazine used as-is or other would be required? If yes what benefit in number of cartridge might be expected?

    • From the pictures you link, it looks like the .30 super carry is a tad bit longer and a narrower than 9×19. I guess the round would fit in a 9mm magazine, but I doubt the round would work well in a 9mm gun. The longer cartridge would make for headspace problems. The narrower cartridge rim would have gas sealing problems. The slug would rattle down the wider barrel. The cartridge might be a good self-defense round, but it would need its own built-to-fit gun.

      • “.30 Super Carry” (C)

        Hurry up to be in time!
        A great opportunity to throw your money in the trash.
        True, if you use your barbecue in the backyard, it will cost less, but what kind of service and what bright pictures. LOL

        If you shoot well enough to confidently hit an 80kg beast with the 32ACP, you won’t notice a difference from the 22LR other than sound. And of course the prices.
        And the striking and stopping effect of 22LR is better than that of this newfangled rubbish.

      • Ummm… I REALLY don’t think Daweo meant just stuffing .30 SC rounds into an already made 9mm SMG. “As-is” would be simple swap of barrel/bolt/magazine & “other” is major redesign of components.
        I’m going to say, since the .30 SC & 9mm have very similar cartridge dimensions and mass & velocity, there wouldn’t be need a need to re-engineer the SMG.
        The only advantage I see is a slightly lighter load-out and/or carry of more ammo. But given, say, 250 rounds of 9mm, you’d get only 25 more .30 SC’s with the same weight & maybe 5 more per same-length magazine, these advantages would be minimal.

        • I was refering to magazine of 9×19 mm (sub-machine gun), say UZI 32-round magazine. Barrel would need to be relined to properly support smaller diameter bullets. Manufacturer’s claim show that .30 Super Carry offer higher muzzle velocity than “9MM LUGER HST”, though I do not know what would be difference from sub-machine gun length barrels.

          • I’m pretty sure the magazine would have to have some modifications. There would have to be ribs pressed in to accommodate the narrower stack & the feed lips would need to be modified.
            If you use 100 grain bullets in a 9mm, the velocity is the same as a 100 gr. in the .30 SC, about 1250-1300 fps. I would expect an equal velocity increase out of an SMG length barrel.

      • The case is longer (21 mm) than that of the French cartridge (19.8 mm). The case length is that of the 7.63 mm Mannlicher of 1901 vintage.
        It is more like a new take of the Italian 9 x 21: compensating for the longer case by making the bullet shorter. In 9 x 21 it was set deeper. The .30 Super Carry depends on using a flat nose bullet to stay within 9 x 19 OAL.

        An odd feature in my view is the use of the Soviet variant of “7.62 mm” caiber: bullet diameter 7.92 mm instead of the Western 7.82 mm.

  3. All this has already happened…
    …It was…
    …it happened many times.
    No one .32 caliber pistol bullet beats the comparable .38 caliber bullet.
    Just like no .38 compares to .45.

    And with tight winter clothes (I’m sure) a regular FMJ .32 will cope just as well, and possibly better than a hollow point .30SC.

    If we talk about “the use of .30SC in SMG for 9×19”, then “just replace the barrel and mag” will not work.
    For this ammunition, you will additionally need not only other bolt cup, extractor and ejector.
    But, most likely, there is also a different slider and a return(main) spring.

    Even if you don’t look at the terrible gemmorrhoids with new magazines…
    It’s not worth it.

  4. if you had to design an assault rifle, what would it be? there are four rules:
    the overall length cannot exeed 22 inches
    the overall height cannot exeed 6 inches
    the caliber has to be 15 mm
    the magazine (which I count as seperate) has to contain 100 rounds

  5. Stemple forgot the easy replaceable barrel and a 7×33 caliber, with the 50 shot magazine, might have been an early date ST44.

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