Transferrable? Pre-May? Post-86? Dewat? John Keene Explains…

Today I am speaking with retired Master Sergeant John Keene, who is the NFA specialist for the Morphy Auction Company. Specifically, we are discussing the terminology and categories of legal machine guns in the United States. From the very common misconception of a “Class III License” (which does not exist), to the variety of terms like pre-May, post-May, pre-86, post-86, transferrable, defat, deactivated, and so forth – what do they all mean? Who can buy a machine gun, and what is the legal process for doing so? It’s a complicated topic, and hopefully this discussion will make things clearer!


  1. Jeez, government bureaucracy at its absolute worst!

    Imagine how many dollars and man hours are spent every year on this nonsense.

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