SGM in Afghanistan

We received an email from a trooper in Afghanistan whose unit found a buried IED stash that included an SGM machine gun. There are a lot of interesting old weapons floating around Afghanistan, and we’re always interested to see photos of what’s being found…

SGM in Afghanistan

This is identifiable as the modernized SGM variant by the fluted barrel (the early SG43 had a smooth barrel) and the side-mounted charging handle (the SG43 had a charging handle on the bottom by the grips). There wasn’t any ammo on hand to test fire it, but we’re told it looked to be in good shape – just dirty from being buried.

The whole set of photos is posted on the SGM page in the Vault, where you can also download high-resolution copies of them.

Thanks for the photos, Andy – and stay safe out there!



  1. Sometimes older weapon made more acurate than modern world and models like MG34 and MG42 not saving spot for other models even todays days..

  2. Waste not, want not…I read in an old Osprey book that the Afghans were shooting at the Soviet 40th Army with .577 Sniders, 577/450 Martini Henry and Lee Enfield rifles back in 79.

  3. I’m always surprised at how small a lot of machineguns are in real life. They look so large and imposing in the photographs but here is another example being carried by a sling made from an old belt!

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