Beardmore-Farquhar manual

Sometimes you can have a good idea, well executed, and well promoted – but just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Beardmore-Farquhar machine gun is an example of just this unlucky situation. It was a rather innovative light machine gun developed just after World War I. Right when everyone had lots of guns, not very much loose cash, and very little interest in preparing for another war.

Beardmore-Farquhar machine gun
How to carry your Beardmore-Farquhar ...shoeshine not included with gun

We came across a 1924 manual for the Beardmore-Farquhar that describes both the light (.303) and heavy (.50) version of the gun. It has a good in-depth description of how the gun operates and how to operate and disassemble it. To read more about the gun and download the manual, check out the Beardmore-Farquhar page in the Vault.


  1. Nice gun ! Very unusual mechanism ! Unfortunately there are no cutaways in the manual.
    I suspect this mechanism must cause quite low rate of fire !?
    I also think that Lewis mags are not that bad!

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