Forgotten Weapons is hiring field researchers!

Yes, we have an intrepid team of freelance agents out in the field, bringing back all manner of interesting guns…

Forgotten Weapons Field Researcher
Who doesn't need a spare cannon?

Okay, so he’s not actually working for us (but if any Libyan rebels are reading this, let me know! We’d love to get more photos!). But Libya does appear to be fertile ground for DIY weaponsmiths. The Atlantic recently published a series of photos of Libyan rebels with all sorts of weapons.

Apparently they’re pretty jazzed on the idea of helicopter rocket pods mounted on pickup trucks, which strikes me as a bit questionable…but they do look intimidating. I find it fascinating what different weapons find their way to conflict zones like Libya, Afghanistan, and other places without significant local manufacturing capacity.

On a more serious note, if we have any service members reading who have run across interesting ordnance out in the field, it would be neat if you sent photos that we could publish.

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