Book Review: Mannlicher Military Rifles

We really liked the last book we reviewed by Paul Scarlata (German Gewehr 88 “Commission” Rifle), and so we decided to grab another one off the shelf. Today, it’sMannlicher Military Rifles, and Scarlata does another excellent job. Mannlichers have been very cheaply available here in the US in the form of M95 and M95/34 carbines for $100 or less, atlhough they have been underappreciated because of their chambering in the mostly unavailable 8x56R cartridge. However, as the most prolific straight-pull action ever made, they are worthy of a closer look – I certainly don’t regret buying mine, or the book to go with it!

You can find yourself an M95 carbine from pretty much any reputable seller of C&R firearms, and you can get spare parts from two of our sponsors, Allegheny Arsenal and Apex Gun Parts (Allegheny has a larger selection, but Apex has bayonets). You can gt a brand new copy of Paul Scarlata’s book from Amazon right here:


  1. Er…

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.”

    I take it, since your other vids say that your YouTube account has been deleted, that you’ll be hosting your videos elsewhere? Or maybe appealing to YouTube? I very much hope so! Videos are an invaluable resource for getting engineering concepts across to laymen/idiots like me. After years of reading about gun mechanisms in books and poring over some pretty impenetrable diagrams, absolutely nothing explains things better than Ian with some disassembled weapon and a black thumbnail. (Black thumbnails are the internationally recognised sign of someone who knows all about complicated machinery, serving as both a certificate of excellence and a Purple Heart.)

    Keep fighting the good fight, gentlemen. I can only thank you, sincerely, for all the hard work and fascinating posts you’ve given us thus far. You’ve done sterling service in your generous contributions to this field and long may it continue.

  2. Awwww! I was looking forward to this review. There is something about the old straight pulls that interest me. Add I love shooting my M95!

  3. Like I said about his other book, Krag/Scarlatta wrote a great book, but it overlaps heavily with the Gew88 book he also did.

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