Hi-Point / MAWL at MOGO24: Wheels Come Off the Struggle Bus

For my Active Division run during the staff match portion of Moons Out Goons Out 2024, I set up a 9mm Hi-Point carbine with a BE Meyers MAWL last unit. Great laser; terrible gun. My hypothesis was that the gun itself didn’t really matter so long as it was reliable and accurate enough to hit a silhouette at ~125 yards. The High Point met those criteria, but I failed to recognize just how much its reloading and other manual of arms elements would hinder me. The MAWL was fantastic, and is the only reason my performance wasn’t absolutely dismal.

Thanks to our awesome match sponsors! Thanks to them, we were able to make this a great event with an outstanding prize table:

AGM Global Vision
BE Meyers
Gorilla Ammunition
Refuge Medical
T-Rex Arms
Virginia Citizens Armory

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