THEY ACTUALLY DID IT! And it’s not an April Fool’s Joke….

We talked about making actual IanPat camo, but I wasn’t really sure that Varusteleka would have the hutzpah to actually do it…but they did! And it’s actually real! They made a whole order of custom IanPat camo material and made it into L4 Field Jackets, L4 Combat Pants, and Boonie Hats. With all the same excellent features of their regular kit, these are hilarious…and actually really good kit. Heck, it even works well as camouflage!


  1. Gun Jesus camo…
    And people claim the Finnish have no humor.
    I gotta get me a boonie, at the very least.. If they make a fjelduk, i might actually buy that.

    • What this pattern actually calls for is either a smoking jacket or a bathrobe.

      Smoking jacket for Ian, the next time he does a Q&A…

      Only thing that would have added to the perfection? If they’d somehow worked in an iconic French weapon or two, the way the Marines had the EGA hidden in the MARPAT pattern…

      • Akshully… What they need to do is this pattern in a red/maroon colorway, preferably on either satin or velvet, and then sew up some smoking jackets with black trim…

        Perfection. Just add a Lebel or Berthier in there, somewhere. Prove the authenticity of it all… 🙂

        • On each smoking jacket, there is exactly one (1) Lebel or Berthier rifle, placed in a random location. You win an IanPat tie if you find it 🙂

          • A vision came to me, in the night… When Ian wears his smoking jacket for the Q&A, the opening shows the globe in tight focus, zooming out to show a pair of crossed French rifles on the wall… Pan right, to Ian, seated: He wears our hypothetical smoking jacket, with two additions: A cigar or pipe, and the crowning glory of a snappy fez, to complete the ensemble…

            Could also serve as his opening supervillain montage, but that’s for another day.

        • Thinking a bit more on the issue… The colorway needs to copy the Swiss Alpentarn with all the reds… What was the Swiss soldier’s unofficial name for the stuff? “Vierfrucht-Pyjama” or “four-fruit pyjamas” in English.

          Black fez, pipe/cigar, black trim… I think I’d probably die laughing. Especially if he does a Dr. Evil impression, something about demanding the world adopt French small arms…

      • Marpat, tens of wee beard extolling Ian faces per square inch; hardcore. I’d take a Magnenta/Periwinkle satin smoking jacket, with emerald velvet trim…

    • A fjelduk in IanPat, a fitting vestment for a true apostle. You could wear it and stroke your face as if it also was adorned in Jacobean era hairy facial emblishments, like those of the lord…

      Mind you, if those took off he might get banned from Shot show; numerous semi naked Finnish men lounging around on exhibitors stands partially exposing flesh in loose fitting IanPat Fjelduks while applying gun grease to themselves and winking at passers by seductively whilst purring in a Husky deep throated artic manner.

  2. I’m leaning towards buying, but as a serious operator will need to know how reflective this is in the infrared spectrum.

  3. Cameo camo.

    The preferred choice of Elbonian elite forces everywhere, for wear and tear outwear, and error and smear underwear.

  4. I expect to see this in about 6 months the next time the DPRK gets on T.V for presenting some sort of huge Dong, with a giant Hydrogen bomb mirv warhead on it clapping the dear leader over this fab outcome; yes Kim surrounded by 100 Troops decked out, head to toe in… KimPat Camo; exactly this but with Ians face replaced with Kim’s, who invented it before Ian or Finland which just copied it – As you would because it is a great like North Korea.

  5. I just remembered a thing from my unit’s trip to Panama for the Jungle School.

    In the course of things, we had a weekend off, because we were expected to also do extensive engineering work while we were there… During that weekend, one of my guys went up to Panama City or Colon (can’t remember which…) and found a truly garish, eye-destroying Guayabera shirt, about like your typical Hawaiian pattern sort of thing, but dialed up to about 12.

    Following day, we were lazing about Fort Sherman, and everyone was getting pretty snockered. Came time for lights out, and we went to count noses. Missing someone, namely our guy with the amazing shirt. Had to go looking for him, and discovered that he’d wandered off into the beginnings of the Mohinga Swamp. Could not find him, went and drew night vision. Still couldn’t find his ass… Following morning, we go out and it’s “hands across Fort Sherman” looking for him. Eventually, someone literally tripped over him; that damn shirt was better camouflage than the crap we were wearing, garish colors and all. In the understory of that chunk of the swamp, all those colors worked unexpectedly better than one would think.

    Our guy was still passed the hell out, and had to be carried out of where he was found on a litter. Good times…

    Point of all this? Just to highlight that sometimes, you can have really effective camouflage with some rather odd things. I’ve got a Gore-Tex North Face parka in some kind of weird-ass snakeskin-looking pattern that works better in the woods than some official patterns I’ve seen.

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