Bonus: Ian’s Boombox Shootoff with Mitch from Q

Mitch, design engineer at Q, challenged me to a shutoff at Moons Out Goons Out 2024. If I win, I get a Boombox from Q. If he wins, I have to embarrass myself on the internet. Sounds like a risk worth taking!

The Boombox is essentially a Honey Badger scaled up to SR25 magwell size, chambered for 8.6mm Blackout (and they will have a 7.62x51mm version as well).


  1. Ian deprecates his marksmanship. But it is probably a good thing for the other competitors that he does not have the time to do serious practicing with a single rifle/pistol. Otherwise, nobody would be taking home the prizes anymore.

  2. yes! come up to Q and build something! then go across the bridge and hang out at the Kittery Trading Post for a while!

    (last I checked, Q was still in Portsmouth,NH)

    • I think Q was going to give Ian a Boombox anyway. He reaches too many potential buyers. But it was fun so see him sweat a bit to earn it.

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