Moons Out Goons Out 2024 Overview: Yeah, I Ran a Hi-Point

Last weekend we ran Moons Out Goons Out 2024, a night rifle match presented by Tactical Night Vision Company at the Echo Valley Training Center. The match was a fantastic success, and I figured I’d give you some overview takeaways to the whole event before posting my complete stages runs later this week. I did run the match twice, once in Active division with a Hi-Point carbine and BE Meyers MAWL IR laser module and once in Passive division with a prototype Q Boombox and an AGM Clarion thermal scope. By doing it in that way, I managed to handicap both my runs, and did…not very well.

Thanks to our awesome match sponsors! Thanks to them, we were able to make this a great event with an outstanding prize table:
AGM Global Vision
BE Meyers
Gorilla Ammunition
Refuge Medical
T-Rex Arms
Virginia Citizens Armory

For more match coverage, you can check out these videos from other channels:

Brass Facts – “I Shot a PDW at a Night Vision Rifle Match”

Kit Badger – “Nocturnal Transmissions Part 13”

Refuge Medical – “Moons Out Goons Out AAR Night 1”

Refuge Medical – “Moons Out Goons Out | Night 2”

The Nova Group – “ForgottenWeapons Moons Out 2024 Loadout”

C Does – “Moons Out, Goons Out 2024”


  1. Bravo! There are aluminum aftermarket rails that would have allowed more forward mounting of your LASER on the HiPoint. ProMag has 15 round mags that might have worked better than the RedBalls. The .45 ACP carbine & pistol are easily converted to stock 1911 magazines w/ a Thingmeister mag catch. And of course, High Tower has a bullpup kit that changes some of the ergonomics entirely.

  2. If you wanted to install your LASER more front on the HiPoint, you may have used aluminum aftermarket rails. If you’re looking for an alternative to the RedBalls, ProMag offers 15-round magazines.

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