British Breechloader Teaser Video

Unfortunately, when we visit great gun collections there is never enough time to do everything we would like to. We always have to leave great stuff undone, as much as we don’t like to. Well, we got to visit one particular collection with a bunch of great stuff, and amongst the other items found a fantastic handful of early breechloading rifles mostly built as converted muzzleloaders for British army trials (not the wheellock, of course). We just didn’t have the time to give them the attention they really deserved, but we were able to whip off a quick video of them. So we apologize for teasing you with just a glimpse, and we promise to show them in much more depth when we are able to get back to this collection.


  1. the reason they didn’t make it to large scale production? Too complex? I like the last toggle joint rifle, but hey I own a Swiss luger.

    • Most of them were made to compete for British Army contracts that ultimately went to the Snider conversion. Without a major contract like that, there wasn’t enough demand to start mass-converting muskets.

  2. What was the name or maker of the breech loader conversion with a bolt handle behind the cocking handle?

    Excellent video.

      • Thanks Ian. I can’t help feeling that was the way to go. The British had an aversion to bolt actions and went for the Martini Henry. There is a good video on You Tube called ‘The Gun: Riflemen all’ which laments the delay and gives a bit of an explanation.

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