1. Not semi-auto – it was select-fire. And it did not lose in trials – it was type-classified and introduced in 1952 as the Rifle No.9 (even the training pamphlets were, only to be canned in favour of the FAL without trials. Way ahead of its time, with a true intermediate calibre and an optic as standard. Plus a walnut veneer cheekpiece – can’t be too modern, now can we?!

    And it’s RSAF Enfield (for Royal Small Arms Factory) rather than ‘RAF’.

    Sorry to be picky – I wouldn’t bother if you didn’t do such a great job otherwise!

  2. I have both of Tom Dugelby’s books in mint condition signed by Tom. The books are EM-2 Concept and Design and Modern Military Bullpupo Rifles. I taught with Tom for years at Lorne Park Secondary School and he was a very good friend of mine until his passing. What is your best offer for the two.


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