Video: Neat parlor guns

It may look like we’re only interested in military arms, but that’s not the case. We’re mostly interested in military guns, but there are plenty of other interesting corners of the firearms world to explore too.

While we were visiting one particular collector, we ended up having a great time talking about smallbore and single-shot arms with his wife, who is an accomplished collector in her own right. So today, we give you parlor guns. Specifically, a Flobert pistol, a Flobert rifle, and a trainer schutzen air rifle.



  1. The 19th century was just such an awesome era of firearms.
    The Victorian era people were so much more civilized then the people of today.
    Think about it. Good booze, good friends, and plinking into your fireplace as a backstop. Truly a civilized night of enjoyment.
    Dean from Idaho

  2. Not so much “more civilized” as wealthy =)
    We are looking at the rich people’s toys – this schutzen, for example, is something like a toy machine gun or a little car with a real gasoline engine for your son.

    Though afaik Flobert rifles were very popular in parks and at fun fairs, including pre-Revolution Russia. Of course, this is for well-off kids too, with their fancy sailor costumes and bonbons and toy swords.

    It’s just we are seeing EVERYTHING 19th century and before from a rich man’s perspective: aristocracy, businessmen, state officials – and their artistic entourage. So everyone back then smoked cigars in their parlors and rode about around their mansions just for kicks before dinner =)

  3. The desk isn’t ‘messy’ – it’s organized!!! Not as you’d expect, but it IS organized!!! Ian uses, as I do, a PILING System….not a FILING System…Women and those with OCD require a HORIZONTAL filing system…those of us ‘enlightened’ types prefer the VERTICAL filing system, aka – the PILING system…worked great for me for 56 years until I got married…

    CB in FL

  4. I really enjoy shooting my German parlor pistol in 22 short. Very relaxing way to while away the afternoon in the backyard. Takes a long time to shoot 50 rounds and it makes you slow down and take your time with aiming and shooting.

  5. I have a Schuetzen parlor rifle! My dad brought it back from Germany 1945. We had know idea what it was or used for. It is covered with engraving. There is a piece of silver on the bottom of of the butt stock. It a B on a W and a crown on top.
    Thank for clearing up a mystery

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