Forgotten Weapons on Home Defense

I spent a bunch of time out at the range this weekend, and we got some great footage for you guys. As promised, I’ll be posting a video of the Farquhar-Hill rifle in action, as well as shooting with a Mauser Schnellfeuer and a Mauser C96 carbine.

While I’m working on getting those videos edited together, here’s a brief tip on home defense from the Forgotten Weapons Weird Stuff Crew:

Everyone knows that a Webley with a bayonet is way classier than a Glock with a bayonet.

Yes, this was an actual issued item in the British  military during World War I. It was made from the tip end of a French model 1874 bayonet,with a T-shaped cross section, a fuller, and no markings on the blade. It was developed by a man named Arthur Pritchard, working with the W. W. Greener company of Birmingham (the same Greener that was involved with many British rifles and shotguns). A spring-loaded catch was added to the top of the guard which locks in place behind the front sight of the Webley revolver. This particular example has a brass handle and guard, but steel ones were also made.


  1. I’ve seen examples of shoulder stocks too, although I’m not sure if they were designed for the Webley or if they were made for some of the flare guns that used a Webley frame.

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