Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 video

Today we have some video from a range trip earlier this summer, with a Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 pistol. There’s a bunch of wind noise (sorry), but I hope the video is still worth watching. As I mention on tape, I really have a crush on this particular handgun.

We will have more video using this piece later, when we do some side-by-side shooting with a C96 Mauser and Astra 900.

All our other information on the Bergmann pistol can be found on the Bergmann-Bayard page in the Vault.


  1. I am having a bad case of pistol envy. I love this gun. I like the look and the fact it was developed before 1900.

    It might just be me, but it seemed to cycle and chamber very fast. I replayed the video several times. Was that actually the case?

    • You and me both, Phil. 🙂 The gun in the video isn’t mine, and I would love to find one for my own collection (and make one, if necessary).

      I didn’t notice anything unusual about the cycling when we were shooting. It’s fast, but that’s normal.

      • I was asking because I can see the slide moving on a 1911, but I couldn’t visually see the movement of the action on this pistol.

        • It may just be an artifact of the camera’s frame rate. Keep in mind, though, that the barrel assembly only moved about a quarter inch – the rest of the cycling is done just by the bolt.

  2. I’m developing a serious “thing” for European small arms from the late 19th and early 20th century.

    Nice review.

  3. Attn: Ian
    Great review on the Bergmann … I say this because I own one … a M1910, prior to the
    variants introduced with the M1910/21. I want to sell this wonderful work of art. Can you or any of your enthusiast fellows offer any guidence or advice.
    Garry in Alberta, Canada.

      • I can be done … requires an unusal amount of paperwork. This piece is pristine … no corrosion, no powder burns … with holster … has not been fired by me … or my late father-in-law from whom I got it … that’s at least 65 years. Could you give me an approximation of what it might be worth?

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