Becker Blow-Forward Revolving Shotgun

The Becker shotgun is a very unusual blow-forward, revolving cylinder shotgun made in Germany in the 1920s (although it was originally patented in the late 1890s). Only a very small number were made – allegedly as few as 100. The serial number on this one appears to be 755, which could mean more were made, or that the company perhaps numbered several different types of guns in the same serial number block. All of the known examples are in 16 gauge, with a capacity of 5 rounds.

Thanks to Hire Arms in Johannesburg for giving me access to this very scarce gun to film for you!


  1. This is most unusual design solution for self-loading shotgun I have seen. Very sophisticated, indeed. One thing which hits the eye though is somewhat ‘untidy’ appearance of cylinder’s outer surface. If it could be disassembled, it would answer the question as to how is made (since it involves gas pressure, it may be cast and machined inside).

  2. Never heard the term ‘blow bye’ before. Seems apt.
    I do wonder how anyone, especially a left-handed shooter, would feel having the gas vent BACK through the previously fired chamber in order to eject.

  3. Three guns you described recently are closely related by the persons involved, Reinhold Becker and August Coenders:
    The WW1 20 mm Becker Automatic Cannon, postwar veloped to the 20 mm Oerlikon Anti Aircraft Cannon, was patented in 1914 by the industrialist Reinhold Becker, US patent # 1,144,285. A.Coenders worked for Becker then.
    The “Becker” revolving shotgun was patented by A.Coenders in 1921, US patent # 1,487,722.
    Later,Coenders invented his belt fed 9 mm submachine gun.

    • Armsel Protecta copied these case ejecting features, not to mention parent Striker and many other functions.

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