We Hit a Milestone – and a DVD Giveaway!

I was very happy to wake up to this on the site statistics yesterday morning:

We’ve had more than a million visits since I started keeping track in June 2011! Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the site and come back or shared it with friends – I have every intention of keeping the blog entries coming and the web site growing.

Forgotten Weapons Firearm Manual Archive Volume I: Machine Guns

As a bit of a celebration of hitting 7 digits, we’re giving away two copies of our recent Machine Gun Manuals DVD (worth forty bucks each!). To have your chance at winning one of them, just post a mention of the giveaway and a link to the DVD page to your blog or Facebook page – then drop us an email (admin@forgottenweapons.com) and let us know that you’ve done it (and a link to your blog, if applicable). That’s all you need to do…next Tuesday (October 9th) I’ll pick two winners at random from the emails we get and send out some free DVDs!

This is open to anyone in the US or any country we can ship to – if you’re not sure, take a look at the list on the checkout page and see if your country is included.

Thanks again guys – we’re working towards two million now! 🙂



  1. “A million dollars, Mr. Bond. You were going to ask how much this” — hand gesture — “cost.”

    Maybe not a million bucks but a million hits is really something. Congratulations.

    I’ve been meaning to post a microreview of the DVD. Here’s the nanoreview: “Buy it!” I’m glad I did. If I can get to it in time I’ll be sure to mention the giveaway, from which I’ll recuse myself (to quote another movie line “we already got one!”

  2. Congratulations on hitting that “one-million” milestone, and may many millions more come your way with time! I bought one of the DVD’s in question when they were first advertised, and it is worth every penny and then some. Like Kevin, I will also recuse myself from the giveaway in the hopes that this will encourage others to give it a shot ( no pun intended ) and see for themselves what great in-depth technical coverage Forgotten Weapons has to offer!

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