Timney Trigger Review and Giveaway

We spoke to Timney Triggers at the SHOT Show last month, and they offered us one of their Mosin-Nagant triggers to try out, and a second one to give away. As you can see in our video review, we’re very pleased with the unit. According to Timney, these are very popular in Finland, which I can certainly understand after installing one in my Finnish M39.

Want to win our free Mosin-Nagant Timney trigger? This contest will be a bit simpler than our last one – just send us an email telling us what kind of Mosin-Nagant you would be putting it in (remember that there is modification necessary to the rifle, so you probably don’t want to use the Czar’s personal exhibition Mosin). The contest will be open until 8pm MST February 24th (Friday). One winner will be chosen at random and notified Saturday morning. Good luck!


  1. I would put it in a M38, because being the lightest Mosin they give you the most kick for your euro. Unfortunately I have already spend my money on a 1930 C96 (ahh choices). A video of the endresult would be nice though.

  2. Speaking as the guy behind the shaky camera, I hereby certify that those two groups are honest at 100 yards, and not faked up in any way.

    I was PREPARED to fake them, but it turned out to be unnecessary. The only difference is the trigger.

  3. Ian,
    Nagant has nothing to do with Mosin rifles…
    Mosin produced 7,62x54mm rimmed service rifle round and his rifle,Nagant is Belgium designer who builded gas sealed revolver….
    So dont confuse those 2 differant designers…

  4. The Mosin-Nagant is a hybrid of both the designs of Leon Nagant and Sergei Mosin. While the rifle is chiefly Mosin’s design, several details were carried over from Nagant’s rifle. The name “Mosin-Nagant” is primarily used by Western scholars, and is the accepted name for the general pattern of rifles here. If shortened, it is almost always truncated to simply “Mosin”, reflecting the primary designer, and to prevent confusion with the Nagant revolver.

    While somewhat misleading, it is accepted terminology in this part of the world, similar to the use of “AK-47” to refer to any Kalahnikov pattern rifle. Largely, this terminology disconnect is the result of the technical gulf that formed between the United States and USSR during the Cold War.

  5. Though a righty, I find it most comfortable to operate Mosin actions left-handed, due to the greater force you can enact pulling on the bolt, rather than trying to lift it.

  6. I would install it in a bog standard 1937 vintage Ishevsk 91/30, fresh off the rack and unfired (by me) as yet.

  7. To Whom It May Concern:
    I think the 7.62x54R is between a US-308 and the US-30-06. At first I owned a Winchester Model -1895 lever action, caliber 7.62x54R, made for Russia in WW1. I sold the rifle and was so impressed by the caliber I bought (2) Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine’s. I use them as truck guns when hunting deer and Wild Boar. These make great boar guns for the bayonet connected to the rifle.
    I would love to get these timney trigger groups for my M44’s. This way the safty issue would be a lot better. This is the only down fall I have found with the Mosin Nagant rifles. Winning would be great but if you sold them at a good discount I like that as well. ( seems $100 dollars plus each is a little much? )
    Please advise

  8. I like my mosin nagant it bring back the past the 7.62x54r is round . The 7.62×39 is a good but old caliber

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