Vintage Saturday: Armed to the Teeth with a Hall Breechloader

Armed to the Teeth: Hall Breechloader and Colt Walker
Armed to the Teeth: Hall Breechloader and Colt Walker

This man clearly has a high standards in personal armament. A Hall breechloading rifle for fast reloading (and interchangeable parts for easy maintenance and repair) and a Colt Walker revolver that will blow your head clean off, punk. Plus two pepperboxes and big knife just to be safe. We also note that the pistols are all in formed holsters, instead of the typical generic flap holsters (or stuffed loose in a belt).

We received a bunch of great photos for out holster contest, and I’d like to thank everyone who participated. This photo has the perfect combination of notable guns, vintage patina, and a neat holster, and for submitting it, Oliver W. is the winner of a free custom leather holster from Louisville Leather. Congratulations, Oliver! You’ll be getting a great piece of leatherwork from Ryan Kuhl at Louisville.

Stay tuned, because we’ll be having another giveaway contest next week!


  1. I wouldn’t believe someone of this if there wasn’t a picture. haha, this has to be the 1800s equivalent of carrying around an FN SCAR and a Desert Eagle, and must have cost him a fortune and a half. Gotta wonder why he would spend that type of money. Have we any context for this man; was he a prospector, sheriff, or outlaw?

    • Unfortunately, the book the picture is from gives no details on the man, aside from giving his name as George Norton. The guns may be his, but it is equally likely that they are studio props. Posed photos such as the one above were popular in the mid to late 1800s, and studios tended to have a few guns on hand to rent to people with less photogenic armament. Thus Colt Walkers tend to be disproportionately represented in period photos.

    • Well, they may have been studio guns, as Oliver mentioned. But maybe not – how many people today have a SCAR and Desert Eagle despite having no real need for either one? The real cost today for those isn’t much different from a Hall and Walker back then.

  2. That’s about as TIER ONE OPERATOR as one gets for the 1800s.

    Any chance you can post the rest of the holster pictures everyone submitted? I’m curious what everyone came up with.

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