Tour of the AREX Defense Factory in Slovenia

During my visit to Slovenia, I had a chance to tour the AREX Defense factory in Šentjernej. I came away really impressed by the quality and the breadth of operations that the factory performs in-house. They have only been making their own handgun designs for about 5 years, but they have been a subcontractor making parts for other big-name companies (like FN) for decades.


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who geeks out about things like this! Please keep this kind of content coming.

  2. Loved this video!! My Arex Zero2 is one of my favorite pistols, and my Maternal Grandmother was a immigrant from Slovenia (Yugoslavia at the time) just after WWII.

  3. Wild. Ian has been a machinist in the past and his appreciation of the mechanics involved comes through. Very educational video.

  4. Sure, all up to date. What is the ‘magic’ behind it?

    Western market, western money. What else to expect? Just like elsewhere in this world be it Europe, US or Canada. Go to Tikka-Sako-Beretta, same thing. You cannot tell them apart.

    • You cannot buy trained skilled engineers and workers. That only comes from priceless experience. Having the most modern machines and tools does certainly help of course.

  5. About the barrels hammering, what becomes of the rifling mandrel when it’s done ? How is it removed since it must have been quenched in the process ? Is it used only once or several times (how many) ?

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