PTR-44 Sturmgewehr at a 2-Gun Match

Today I’m taking the PTR-44 Sturmgewehr out to the local 2-Gun match. I’m excited to get a chance to run it in a competitive environment – I have shot some original StGs, but only on very basic flat ranges. This should be a much more interesting experience.

For a pistol, I’m using an Arex Delta L, as practice for Polenar Tactical’s upcoming Lynx Brutality match. And for kit, I thought it would be fun to use a French Algerian outfit, since we are in the desert here. The original Sturmgewehrs managed to find their way into nearly every corner of global conflict, including the French colonial fighting in both Indochina and Algeria.


  1. Own one, shot it some. Gets hot fast. But fun to shoot, and like he said, very manageable recoil.

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