Slovenia’s Specialized Bullpup: the F2000S

When the Slovenian Army decided to adopt a new infantry rifle in the mid-2000s, the Arex Defense company decided to submit the F-2000 into the trials. The H&K G36 was widely expected to be the winner, but Arex had already been involved in making F2000 parts as a subcontractor for FN, and wanted a chance at a domestic-production rifle for Slovenia.

The one major hurdle was that the Army tender required the rifle to have a carry handle, which the F2000 does not. At the request of Arex, FN agreed to design a version of the rifle with such a feature, but balked at the extremely tight time frame required. So instead, Arex made their own new upper receiver for the F2000, with an elevated picatinny optics rail and a carry handle beneath. This was entered into the rifle trials and ended up winning. A contract for 6500 of the guns was issued, and they were delivered in 2006-2007. The final design was designated the F2000S by FN (not to be confused with the civilian-sale semiautomatic FS2000).

Thanks to Arex Defense for giving me access to this rifle to film, and thanks to Polenar Tactical for hosting me in Slovenia!


  1. Two years to design a carrying handle? LMAO! Ya GOT to be kidding. FN is too used to working to US expectations.

  2. My arms are too long to be a fan of bullpups. The bulky stock looks really clumsy to get a good grip on it. I think I will pass on this one.

    • They look goofy as hell but ergonomically they work great. Nice and light, and a better trigger than your average bullpup. Not sure how you’d clear a malfunction in less than half an hour, though…

    • My respect for the sanctity of my noggin is too great to cuddle 58,000 PSI up to my ear. Having the chamber of an M16A2 18cm in front of my nose was adventurous enough for me.

      clear ether


  3. The F2000 overcomes a lot of the ergonomic objections I have to the bullpup, but… I still find the magazine position objectionable. I really do not like not being able to index the magazine well position with the forefinger of my firing hand.

    I played around with the US semi-auto version of this rifle a few times, just enough to really get a feel for it. I like the forward ejection, but the whole “Yeah, if there’s a misfire, you’re f*cked…” issue with the rifle really left me unenthusiastic despite the benefits of this particularl bullpup design. I also had some issues with the idea that it wasn’t instantly clear whether or not the little ejection pipe was completely empty for range conduct… I’d hate to be the range safety on a range with these. Granted, there’s not much of a way for that round to wind up back in the chamber, but it just gives me the willies not to be able to instantly see whether that whole thing is clear.

  4. I quite like the case ejection system, in principle… Er, the polymer lifter thing. Wonder if you could do a sort of “interupter” in order to knock out a sort of An94 type of thing. Two barrels mind (So bigger per se & maybe in 7.62 Nato) Lmg… Er, well… Ok more medium/heavy belt fed (Hk51) type lark; but! What if it hit more, it’s on a tripod anyway.

    Premise; the double hitting thing, works. Thinking sort of Gast gun’ish. Essentially you get the lifter, to feed the top barrel with a live round on cocking (Somehow via an “Interupter”) then cock it again and it feeds the lower, you pull the trigger; and the lower fires forcing the top barrel to move back “via gas” it slam fires the top barrel, yes slam fires thus; by it moving reawards into a fixed firing pin “The upper barrel has an identical type of return spring to the lower, but stronger; and linked to the barrel, he he.”

    Right! And remember the purpose of this, is: b!BANG!b!BANG!b! etc I.e. 800 or so rpm per se, but 1800’ish rpm in intended effect, via the belt/action etc… So you operate as per E.g. BbbbbbbbbANG!! like a belt fed machine gun in practice, but in principle it is going BBang!! And thus for each shot, you are getting 2 projectiles towards the intended target “Before you lose your aim, move on; etc.” kind of lost my train of thought… May update. But essentially I do think the two projectile lark is a good idea, against say folk with the same sort of arms; as you. Type thing.

    For an “advantage” he he. And this design may provide a blueprint, sort of… Or not… Anyway interesting gun, he he.

    Ugly fecker though isn’t it regardless; of it in it’s current iteration “Seemingly being ok” fat cnut it really annoys me in that way width (No offense to overweight folk; it is likeky linked to your metabolism, and cream cakes… But like metabolism is a real science, type thing; true like… But like cream cakes, you know what I mean.)

    • Unless that “Fat” thing is to do with… Er, material strength/atributes… In which case, I would say “Eat less cream cakes” your material then is defecient in capability.

      Does it fire round fecking corners… Although sealed system; Forward eject lark, throw it in that mud. Might work.

    • Sounds fecking lethal that if it could work, imagine a war with rounds expended that actually hit.

    • Locking for the bottom barrel could be via rotating, circular piece… Sprung in a Lewis gun manner, perhaps; anyway on each side of said circular piece, it being mounted via a pin through it’s middle… Could be a /_ shaped type cut on oneside and essentially the same but upside down on the otherside, the lower fires and its bolt pushes against the upside down /_ ‘ish shape which pushes against the inverted cut; but against the top barrel, which gives an initial delay until gas hits the top barrel forcing it back; thus overcoming… You would have a – cut so allowing the bolt to pass, under said upper cut… Probably need a pen and a cig packet. But I think it sounds plausible; BbANG!!! Whats not to like, heavy fluting like on that Polish… Heavy fluting anyway; barrels not so heavy and possibly via going BbANG!!! A sort of Gatling cooling… Well not much, but maybe some effect may take place.

      Anyway! BbANG!!! Got to like that; if it happens quick enough to do a An94 type double tap; which it might not, barrel weight. Still… It might.

  5. Again another video with flag that does not correspond to actual country of guns producer.

    A conceassion to Arex?

  6. Combine with a Bulgarian chat Gpt type thing “I have scanned google maps they’ll be popping up out that gully over there on the left” Really? “I think so” Cheers! BbANG!!! BBBBBBbbbbbbANG!!! You were right sexy voiced Bulgarian Chat Gpt thing, cheers. “You are Welcome” Do you want to have sex? “I am a computer program and cannot fufill that function” Oh… The future of modern warfare.

    • Now if your asking me about Terminators.

      I am sure me and (Svetlana) will get a “Divorce” on her terms.

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