The FP45 Liberator Pistol

Today, we take a look at a reproduction FP45 Liberator pistol. These pistols were originally designed to be scattered across occupied Europe in huge numbers, and literally a million of them were made during WWII. The plans fell through, though, and almost all of them were simply scrapped.

The modern reproduction we have was made by Vintage Ordnance, where they are currently available for sale.

Our exploded parts display was made by Allegheny Arsenal in cooperation with Vintage Ordnance, and interested folks can order one of them from Allegheny Arsenal. They are not listed on the web site, so shoot Greg an email to inquire.


  1. Always been interested in this design, and the concept in general.
    Do you know the name of the song at the end of the video?

  2. Better edit your video for error. At roughly the 2 min (+/-) mark its stated that the FP45 was manufactured by GENERAL MOTORS. Wrong. It was General Electric’s Guide Lamp Division.
    BTW I own one of these in excellent condition if anybody is interested.

    • Do you still have the orig. FP-45?
      I may be interested. Do you have the orig. box, wood, etc? If so, what price? You can ship direct to me as I have a collectors lic.

      I have a FP-45 in decent shape but missing the cocking piece. If you still have an orig. how does the cocking piece attach to the firing in? I am attempting to purchase a replica cocking piece from the reproduction people at My email is or 580-761-5646

  3. Dear Ian,

    Loved the Pancor Jackhammer video! Perhaps this is old news, but the CIA had AMF produce a 9mm disposable pistol during the Vietnam war called The Deer Gun. Have you heard of it? Even if you have, a video would be greatly appreciated!

    I perform hospital mnt. for a living and have had my C&R license for over 15 years. Like you, my small arms tastes are pretty esoteric. I restored and own everything from M1895 Carbines in 8x56R to 7.62 Enfields, to Mausers, to a Schmidt Rubin carbine,a 1968 Albanian SKS, semi AK’s, Makarovs and other Combloc and European weapons. Thankfully, I stocked up on milsurp ammo before much of it dried up! I also own several pellet guns and built my own spring compressor to tune them.

    To keep from going nuts while on two years of disability after three foot ops and a hand op. , I restored over 100 tube radios, some going back to 1935. Here’s the local Austin newspapers video of my collection. Enjoy and keep those great videos coming! Sincerely-John Waldron

  4. I have just a fp-45, no bottom sleeve, for handle. If your still interested shoot me a price. its in good condition can send pics if you wish

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