The Dominican Republic Gets Mausers, 50 Years Too Late

This Dominican Mauser is coming up for sale here.

The Dominican Republic is one of the few Central and South American nations which did not buy Mauser rifles when they were the top of the line military armament available. Instead, the Dominicans waiting until the 1950s, and bought surplus long and short Mauser rifles from Brazil. Using their newly built arms factory in San Cristobol, they refurbished these Brazilian Mausers by scrubbing them of all markings, giving them a heavy new dark finish (including the receivers, which were originally in the white), varnishing the stocks, and remarking them as Dominican Republic property. Some were also rebarreled to .30-06 from the original 7x57mm, but apparently only a minority of them. Some of these were subsequently used, and some just went right into storage until ultimately sold as surplus and brought into the US.


  1. Well, it’s not like anyone would invade a relatively unimportant backwater country somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Whoever tried would have to punch out America first! That aside, the Mauser is still a good reserve weapon. “Deer rifles” are nothing to laugh at since they can defeat most Hollywood “cover” and drill the idiot behind same…

    • The US had a policy (the Monroe Doctrine) of European powers not messing with the Americas (other than what territory they already had). But counties south of the border had their share of civil wars and wars between each other. For example, Ecuador and Peru fought over their border in 1941, and it is suspected that Argentina had plans to invade Chile a few decades ago.

      A small island could hopefully avoid such aggression from a neighbor, but often such wars are started by a despot for no other reason than seeking the support of their people. So having a weak military invites aggression. Sad, but true.

      • And if your neibourg it´s Papa Doc Duvalier, it´s wise arm yourself.
        Just in case some zombies.

      • And Argentina failed to secure a contested territory consisting of a few penguin-inhabited islands. We know how that happened… curtesy a few Vulcan bombers, lots of Harriers, and tons of angry British guys with bayonets fixed. I could be wrong.

        • I had a school mate who fought in the Falklands, as a Royal Marine. The only anger ‘British’ guys who actually fought there had was the usual anger about supplies, air cover, politicians, and the other stuff every fighting man complains about when he’s fighting.

          I have deliberately not used the word ‘soldier’ in the above, because the Royal Marines are not soldiers, as they would tell you with blunt force back in the day.

          • It is interesting to see throughout contests of past that soldiers/ servicemen/ fighters of one side are rarely “angry” with those of opposing side. Even without deeper analysis it is obvious they have nothing to envy to each other. They are basically on same side, complementing into their single purpose – to kill and be killed. Then there is bunch of widows and memorials and life goes on.

    • Hmmmm

      It got invaded

      And there were lots of coups and lots of gun boat diplomacy, all courtesy of uncle same.

      • Let me guess, some idiot will think the Dominican troops actually put up a fancy stage and demanded the Americans surrender only to get riddled with lead…

  2. This rifle looks just like “mystery Mauser” discussed recently sans voodoo hieroglyphs. Yeah, Armeria San Cristobal…. does it ring the bell?

  3. The D. R. was invaded and occupied three times by the United States in the 20th century. Also a number of insurrections, coups, and some ugly ethnic cleansing. Instead of relying on assumptions and stereotypes, read history.

  4. This reminds me of one of the funniest headlines of my adult life.
    A banner Headline 3″-4″ high on the front page of the SF Chronicle that read
    “DEMOCRACY RESTORED TO HAITI!”… With a pic of Aristide (IIRC) being saluted by an honor guard of US Marines as he deplaned.
    I nearly gave myself a hernia laughing.
    Yes, I know the tragic history of that Nation, but sometimes laughter is the best way to deal with reality.

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