Slow Motion: Swiss LMG-25

I had a cool Swiss viewer named Bjoern kindly send me this footage of a Swiss LMG25 machine gun firing – thanks, Bjoern! These guns are very rare in the US, and the only one I’ve been able to handle was in Europe. If I can ever get my hands on one myself, I will make some video with my Edgertronic high speed camera, but this footage is a great look at the gun until that is possible.

If you are not familiar with the LMG-25, you should check out my overview video of the gun from a couple years ago:


  1. It’s a beautiful thing, made like a Swiss watch, but if it had ever been used in combat, that exposed toggle joint would have been very vulnerable to jamming from dirt and mud.

    • John, I think the gunner would have found a nice “clean place” up the mountain where there would only be lots of rocks and no mud. He would then camp-kill everybody trying to invade through the mountain pass, his position giving him the benefit of being almost impossible to hit with everything short of long-range railway artillery (because the Swiss would have shot every mortar team to pieces) and airstrikes (and by the way, the Swiss Fliegertruppe would have found the best way to force planes to land after say, playing hide-and-seek through the Alps so that the invaders would run out of ammo and gas, after which the Swiss authorities jail the foreign pilots and then impound the planes and repaint said planes in Swiss colors).

  2. Top Swiss craftmanship in all its glory! I do tend to agree with JohnK though. I don’t know of any attempts to export the LMG-25 (unlike the KE-7, which was indeed exported in small numbers).

  3. I owned one for a few years, complete with spare barrel assembly, tripod and all accessories. It was a beautifully made gun and very nice to shoot. My biggest problem was the supply of 7.5mm Swiss ammo!

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