Sauna, Sisu, and Sprinting: Finnish Brutality 2022 Day 1

Thanks to Varusteleka for putting on an absolutely magnificent match! I’m also very happy to have a line of merchandise now available with them:

Finnish Brutality this year has expanded from 8 stages over two days to now 10 stages in two days – and there is also a new “Recon” division. That requires wearing all of the gear for Armored division (12kg minimum; armor plates, 3 magazines each of rifle and pistol ammunition, 1L of water, and a knife) and then running a 3km path after each stage, for a total of 30km over the two days of the match. I opted to try this for the challenge, so let’s see if I survive that idea…

Special thanks to Dr. Jackson Crawford for the Old Norse poem used in the intro! Check out his channel here:

A few gear notes:
My camo is all Finnish M05, from Varusteleka. The kilt is no longer offered, though. My rifle is a WWSD with an Aimpoint CompM5 and a Vortex 3x magnifier. Pistol is a Laugo Alien. Knife is an Anthropoid from Acta Non Verba. Plate carrier, backpack, and belt are also from Varusteleka. Boots are from AKU.

Full scores available here.


  1. “Knife is an Anthropoid from Acta Non Verba.”
    Anthropoid was the name for the action to kill Heydrich in Prague in 1942. No knive involved. It was in turn used as pretext by the SS to annihilate the male population of Lidice.
    What an oustandingly stupid name for a knife. The company should call itself Acta Non Cerebra.

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