1. I have sweaty feet and I approve this message, having just done 1000 miles “Via an app” in mk5 German moulded sole para boots 4 yrs old; in British “coolmax” white… Socks. Terrible blisters (bullet proof) boots aside which I love. 14 x 16.5 mile walks at 2 hr each way. And the bulk 5 miles in non applicaple footwear, above 15 degrees and changing socks at 8.25 miles… I do like the look of an East German NBC “Condom” on that Finnish website; but do not think it will help with my feet, I am open to this top being of use as I have Helly Hanson lifa in micro plastic; kill baby seals etc tech when I wash it frequently. But I would like some good socks… I would buy them if Ian or Carl runs, jogs or walks quick for 17 miles in a pair of mk5 German para boots 14 times. In Arizona which is hotter than here.

    Cock puss… I have looked at Varustelka as you can tell.

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