BMPs, Hurdles, and Kettlebells: Finnish Brutality 2022 Day 2!

Thanks to Varusteleka for putting on an absolutely magnificent match! I’m also very happy to have a line of merchandise now available with them.

Time for Day 2 of Finnish Brutality 2022! We have five more stages today, and for people like me in Recon Division, five more 3km runs in armor and kit. I woke up pretty darn sore from Day 1, and it took a few minutes to stretch out my calves to the point I could actually walk…let’s see how Day 2 will treat me.

A few gear notes:
My camo is all Finnish M05, from Varusteleka. The kilt is no longer offered, though. My rifle is a WWSD with an Aimpoint CompM5 and a Vortex 3x magnifier. Pistol is a Laugo Alien. Knife is an Anthropoid from Acta Non Verba. Plate carrier, backpack, and belt are also from Varusteleka. Boots are from AKU.

Full scores available here.


  1. On the pistol stages, why not holster when you run? You could have switched arms when running with the kettle bell.

    • I can’t speak to this match, but many have a safety rule prohibiting reholstering a pistol with a round in the chamber due to accidents under the time pressure of a match and some level of physical duress.

  2. What, no knife throwing stage? No tomahawk? No grenade event? Why hell, I could’ve done that poor man’s Mohawk Run while singing “Sally’s Upstairs With a Hog-Eye Man” and pulling on hip boots. Naked, just like Ian.

    Well, I maybe could.

  3. Well done Ian. Completing a competition like that is an indicator of a high standard of physical fitness and marksmanship. Who designed it: the ghost of Captain Lauri Törni?

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