Hungarian KGPF-9: Kalashnikov Genetics in a 9mm SMG


This modern Hungarian submachine gun bears a remarkable similarity to the Hungarian AKM rifle in many aspects, from the pistol grip to many of the manufacturing practices. In fact, the more we did into the gun, the more Kalashnikov influence we can see in it. This particular example is semiautomatic only, but the weapon is made as both a civilian carbine and as a fully automatic submachine gun for military sales. And no, it’s not available in the United States – my thanks to its anonymous owner outside the US for sharing it with us!



  1. This is a KGP-9 (“Kisméretű GépPisztoly”=small sized submachine gun) []. I have no idea, where is from the “F” label. Maybe “F” means “Félautomata” (=semi-automatic).
    As far as I know, and according to the manual, the magazine capacity is 25 rounds, and the two position rear sight is 50 and 150 meters.

    Hungary manufactured and adopted the AKM-63 (“Automata Kalasnyikov Modernizált”=Automatic Kalashnikov Modernized”) [] and AMD-65 (“Automata Módosított Desszantfegyver”=Automatic Modified Descent Weapon) [].

    The designer of the KGP-9 is Károly Zala. According to Péter Soós, the museologist of the Museum of Military History in Budapest, Károly Zala has only two weeks to design the complete weapon. It’s similarities with an AK is everything, but suprise.

  2. “Kalashnikov Genetics”
    M.T.Kalashikov himself designed sub-machine gun resembling his avtomat, it is know as Пистолет-пулемет Калашникова. Опытный образец 1947 г. i.e. Sub-machine gun [of] Kalashnikov, experimental pattern of 1947 year
    it is blow-back operated and two version were created – one for 7,62×25 model 1930 cartridge and one for 9×18 cartridge
    (This weapon should be not confused with Kalashnikov sub-machine gun of 1942)

    • Building an SMG on an in-service Russian AK platform without changing the ergonomics mirrors the Western practice of building a 9mm SMG on an AR-15 for ease of training by retaining the manual-of-arms.

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