How to Shoot a Sistema 1927 (or Colt 1911)

We have an old manual and a new(ish) one today. The older is a 1914 version of an official US Army 1911 manual. Not the 1911A1, but the original first variant. Need a ballistics chart for .45ACP out to 250 yards? It’s in there.

45ACP penetration
White pine: the 20th century ballistics gelatin

And in case you need some instruction on how to use the 1911, we have an Argentine shooting manual from 1960. It’s written for the Sistema Colt model 1916 and 1927. The Argentine government bought several thousand 1911A1 pistols from Colt in the teens and 1920s, and also received complete technical data and tooling to manufacture them. Thousands more were made in the 1950s and 60s, and they were issued to all branches of the Argentine military as well as several police forces. These Argentine-made Colts were excellent pistols, and contrary to some myths, they were not made from salvaged steel from the Graf Spee.

Sistema modelo 1927
Finger off the trigger!

(1914) Colt 1911 Manual (English)

(1960) Tiro Para Pistola (Shooting the Pistol) (Spanish)

As always, these are now also listed on the Original Manuals page.


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